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There is a specific solution for each need.Todas solutions have in common the perfect marriage as an information system and operational, although the different subsystems forming the whole data capture.

All our solutions are connected to computer systems and networks using the latest communication technologies and optimization, also allowing a wide range of application possibilities.

PYV sells, installs and maintains a wide range of Hardware Products, full compatibility with each other.

Hardware products, with their computer systems are one of the main channels of information for your company. The search for solutions to rising costs and the need to rationalize the means of production require action in decision-making and seeking solutions to remain competitive in the market under different pressures.
It is possible the continuous adaptation to the conditions set out in its industry with flexible structures and with the benefit of all productive agents. Capturing all the events in the company relate to its employees and their activities is an essential to meeting the goals set base.

Knowledge information permanently originated in their means of production, is part of the basis for the creation of business concepts and key points for the future.

PYV brings him as one of the most prestigious companies in the sector, solutions for obtaining the information, when that occurs, both of productive agents, and its employees and activities. Thanks to our continuous evolution and innovation, we can offer an extensive range of hardware solutions for data collection, designed and developed over many years of experience.

You will get guaranteed to be investing in an adapted solution to your exact requirements that will allow you to get excellent results in the PRESENCE CONTROL, ACCESS CONTROL and MANAGEMENT PRODUCTION areas and with an excellent value for money.

All our hardware product is accompanied by a fully service geared to meet all the demands of our customers service:

  1. Hardware services
  2. Warranty and Maintenance
  3. Training
  4. Additional Elements Hardware

This, along with the other products and services our company provides and performs PYV make the most complete and professional choice in Data Capture Solutions for Time Management and Data:

  • Software
  • Software services
  • Additional Elements of Software
  • Identification Systems
Familia Zeiter

PYV has the widest range of products for data capture in the current company in addition to the components that make them more robust in its organización..All solutions are equipped with the necessary means to meet all the requirements due to the unique use of industrial components subjected to stringent quality processes.