ZEIT Software Time and attendance

For the Human Resource Management is undoubtedly the best tool, professional and sophisticated for effective Time Management Staff of your organization. It is the most prestigious and innovative market evolved in their field product. Geared to meet the most demanding needs in Time Management. It contains, as standard, all casuistry found along more than 25 years in many sectors, becoming a precious tool whose solutions span beyond the own Schedule Control. Allows integration with the entire family ZEIT Software IT, Security and Production.


In conjunction with Time and Assistance Software ® Zeit, Shifts Planning Subsystem completes   solutions that PYV Technology contributes to the needs of work distribution and programming from an Organization.

INTRAZEIT Software Time and assistance subsystem

Allows transfer the data entry functions and queries to the place where they are produced through its Intranet. Using powerful query options and data entry employees enjoy HR information available, thus benefiting from each other’s speed and security management required in a permanent and constant way. Also, its visual appearance may be easily adapted to the corporate image criteria established in your Organization.


ZEIT Software Subsystem Virtual Terminal

The best way to replace the Data Capture devices in places that, for organizational reasons, can not be installed. Your operating environment is the Internet and will run from the computer provided for each employee. It contains all the functionality of a physical terminal in combination with ZEIT Software Communications. You can access the DEMO version if you wish.


EXTRAZEIT Software Subsystem Time and Attendance

A complete solution for HR functions through Internet which aims to make information available anytime, anywhere. Allows entry and query information stored in ZEIT Software Time and Attendance. Its visual appearance can be easily adapted to the corporate image criteria established in your Organization.