To the comfort of its users, PYV organized by the acquisition of software licenses Operational Use. See your value according to the operation you want to perform the Software Products. The operation is assessed by the number of users operating simultaneously in the system and the number of physical data capture terminals to be managed both the Software, regardless of the number of employees you have your company.
PYV also available for Corporate Use Licenses. For more information please contact our Sales Department.
Among the design criteria for the architecture of the system is to facilitate the maintenance and configuration of systems.

Thanks to the flexibility of the software, our product can adapt, approaching the current structure available to the customer, without losing the advantages of management. Our experience is extensive in organizations of all types and centralized and decentralized or autonomous arrangements.
Our Commercial Department, advised by our engineers with technical, design the most appropriate and modern structure to meet their needs without compromising the current structure or make large investments.

Our products have an assimilable Software architecture for any IT organization. This will be adapted to the current architecture. Does not require proprietary architecture, that is, share their resources as have them designed. From a complex system of data servers or applications to PCs as a multifunction customers our product may contain. Our technical department will advise the best solution.
It allows the use of various working environments on the client, for example can have a development environment, another preproduction and another production at your discretion, being easily exportable information between each other.

Hadware PYV