ZEIT Software / Access Control System

Using the Access Control you will provide to your integrated ZEIT Software of the most extensive and accurate means required to give their enclosures greater security solutions, productivity or management regarding their criteria and Authorisation System access and circulation, both free and autonomous. Allows integration with the entire family for ZEIT Software IT, Human Resources and Production Company.

ZEIT Software/ Visiting Manager subsystem


By proper tools for managing staff destinated to receive people from outside the company, you will get your organization to provide the best solution of order, convenience, speed and security regarding their identification and Accreditation Subsystem ZEIT Software fully resolved and the more advanced needs of its visitors, subcontractors and accreditation of staff employed.

ZEIT Software/ Number Plate Recognition Subsystem


Provides your Access Control System and Circulation of proper tools for Car Park Vehicle management. In conjunction with physical devices of specific data capture for vehicles, you will integrate the management of its car parks within the system Software ZEIT.

ZEIT Software/ Restaurant Subsystem


It is the most powerful and comprehensive tool to manage and control the consumption of restoration in the precincts or machines of the company. Built-in permanent connection with Presence Control, Access Control and Control Accreditation. Contains high performance for the particular use management eaters.

ZEIT Software/ Capacity Control Subsystem


Allows you to manage and set access to specific criteria of volume occupancy in their enclosures. ZEIT Software Integrated with Access Control System is the best tool for the management of entrances to their facilities.

ZEIT Software/ Record and transmission TV Subsystem

In conjunction with the specific hardware, this module represents the best integrated monitoring and surveillance through CCTV solution.
His innovation and use of the latest trends in optimizing infrastructure are its main characteristics.

ZEIT Software/Monitoring Console Subsystem

Enables management and treatment of alarms received in its Monitoring Center, record creating and ensuring the measures in your organization to the procedures in case of alarm. Allows integration with other systems and produce reactions in hardware equipment. Together with Mobile Terminals, you will have your information in a portable form. The information is presented in a faithful reproduction of the soles of their enclosures.

Intrazeit Software®/ Access Module

Allows information query the data and own access to the premises through the management of the Company´s Intranet. Through a set consultations, company employees establish and review information from their visits and the media attention as an aid to management accreditations. You can get a perfect harmony with the established image for your company.

Extrazeit Software /Access Module

A complete solution for the functions of the Department of Safety and General Services of your company, to supply information that will benefit the organization provided by personnel outside the company through the Internet, so that the information is available anytime, anywhere . You can get a perfect harmony with the image set by the client.