Zeit Software

Why choose ZEIT Software?


“All the features and benefits of our product make it the favorite tool to the big companies.” 

All our software product is accompanied by a fully service orientated to meet all of our costumer´s demands. This comprises:

  • Software Services
  •  Warranty and Maintenance
  • Training
  • Additional Software items


PYV is the most complete and professional option for Data Capture solutions for Time and Data Management, as well as Software products and services-already displayed- it offers: 

  • Hardware Products
  • Hardware Services
  • Additional Hardware Items
  • Identification Systems
  • Replacements

ZEIT Software is a computer system developed by PYV, which allows global management of information from all functional areas of a company, being primarily focused on the areas of Human Resources, General Services, Security, Information and Production Systems.

It is designed with a flexible architecture, that upon your configuration, you can cover any business casuistry. It is particularly suitable for people who have to create, organize, analyze, manage and communicate information. You can easily communicate with other Management Systems.

“It represents a natural evolution in the PYV´s wide range of products, the development would not have been possible without the invaluable help of our customers.”