Zeit Software

Since 1988, our work is the constant study of software tools in order to facilitate and improve the results obtained from the minimum information got from an event.
All this, observing the time factors and resources, getting a greater efficiency each day and becoming a reality the duty cycle of the machines and that people get to make tasks decisions and information.

PYV offers through its software products of the best quality and performance in time and attendance systems, access control and data capture plant.


All our solutions are designed to make up with each other.
All PYV´s software products are fully compatible with each other, providing a basis for the clients computer development. Diversity of modules that can be implanted as needed, creating a flexible architecture.


Information storage is performed in any database.
All information is stored in a place known by the client and in a transparently way, getting the user to be owner of the structure and thus can share the information with other company systems. Our software lets you store information in all databases that allow open market connectivities.


Our software is the most adaptable to customer needs.
As a permanent guarantee of the investment, PYV software can be customized for each client with a level of depth that makes a substantial difference compared to other products. This configuration can be performed by the customer or technical support PYV. All operations necessary for the Systems operation are performed by the user from within it.


All information is carefully treated before their loss and manipulation.
The information is restricted to user access presented, faithfully keeping records produced in intself. Users can be organized hierarchically according to the provisions of the client, allowing organized access to the information. All delicated processes of the system are made safe by giving them a double proccess. All personal information is provided with the necesary tools to ensure that established standards and the most sensible will be encrypted for complete security.


All results are traceable and transparent, and therefore, reliable.
The end goal of any software tool, the results are especially careful in the development and exploitation of PYV. These results will be those who want to get the client regardless of the degree of difficulty of their calculation. It’s a great tool to aid decision making in the management of the company by the degree and form of information reported.

Easy to Use

High quality user dialogues with the software.
The software is equipped with a high level of automation, requiring little user uptime and process information rapidly. The ease of use is a question continually contrasted with our users, adapting to each area representing functionality, including multi-language and hardware, thanks to them, our screens, reports and dialogues obtained, with little action, powerful results, simple , clear and precise. Each dialogue is waiting user.Therefore, each type of these reasons, user training is quick to start up systems so soon begin more extensive training to get all their performance.


The customer benefits from having an entire department at their disposal.
PYV work is oriented to the customer as a partner in achieving most of the goals of your company, not only as a supplier. All staff will work with the customer’s staff, working with all his knowledge, experience, professionalism and responsibility, continuously, during implantation and life of the system, intangible values within a budget. The price performance ratio makes PYV´s software a clear differentiator and a reason for decision over other products on the market.


The global solution for today’s business


25 Aniversario PYV

All we know is expressed in our software.
PYV has recognized professionals and expertise in the field of consulting and software engineering, designing and developing systems that cover all the needs of the business today.
The products are fully developed by PYV, unifying the experience of a highly stable staff and the solutions in more than fifteen years and more than five hundred installations in various sectors.
Along with the best product we have the best service, provided by highly qualified and experienced in many locations and resolving technical needs.


All our software is aimed to go deeply on these solutions.
Thanks to practise exclusivity of dedication to these solutions, our software products offer a wide range of possibilities to every need. For this reason, PYV is geared to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
This specialization in the development and exploitation of Data Capture System makes PYV the best bet when it comes to choosing a Professional System and be in good hands, solvents and accredited.


All our software is developed with the most powerful programming languages.
From the beginning and as a quality standard, PYV decided to program in languages C and JAVA language in order to achieve, among others, the following advantages:

  • Development next to the machine, making the most of it and better performance.
  • It requires few machine resources and can be used in small and large infrastructures.
  • Be at all times controlled system operation.
  • Cancel our software errors produced by any foreign development, avoiding the use of any bookstore not created by our technicians.
  • Efficient detection and correction of anomalies.
  • Ease of integration with other enterprise systems.
  • Neutral architecture, without commitment to the manufactured machines.


All our development is unique and is constantly maintained.
It is part of the solutions concept in order to provide them with long life as security for all parties: customer, developer and service. This way, customers benefit from continuous product improvement, plus get the tool with the widest range of solutions currently on the market. The best way to get a customized solution with all the advantages of a standard product, although this procedure is not exclusive regarding solutions. PYV evaluates all its developments applying the criteria standardization main way, getting incorporated into the standard solution as any.


All new developments are compatible with the above.
PYV puts great effort in growing and improving their productos.Todo PYV staff continually ensure to offer the best solution, which is a natural evolution in our extensive range of software products and maintenance using the latest technologies, of which development would not have been possible without the generous support of our customers.