PYV born with a clear vocation of service. In this line, the Software Services PYV are based on experience in the implementation of systems, stability and durability over time.

Customer satisfaction is our service and our receipt of benefit in tiempo.Todos services are carried out by our Systems Department, made up of proven technical experience, professional training and great human qualities; being aware of the great support they provide to customers and that are important to the success of our products. Technical staff receives continuous training on the product, assigning a specific technical staff for every need: analysis, development and technical support.

System performance is our main goal and therefore seeks to accelerate the return on investment in the product, as a stationary system means more expense than a running system.

In PYV service is regarded as a distinguishing feature over the alternatives on the market although the case of a task that will only be evaluated over time.


Also, the activity of the commercial department is supervised by technical staff in order to meet commitments. These commitments are part of our general conditions of sale. Here is where the work of service really begins, managing the project and making comprehensive customer.

servicios PYV

One of the most important aspects in keeping with our commitment to quality, in addition to the lifetime warranty as to the operation of the software, transparency and record all activities performed by our technical, sales and administrative staff for each customer who will be permanently displayed by the client through our website:

With maximum flexibility to achieve the objectives, PYV technicians are available to the customer in order to advice for decision-making, as part of the contract and provide adequate service to every need and designed for each user, many times it gets to increase the user´s self-esteem pointing out the importance of the tasks performed. By the nature of the systems, we believe it is very important that they have the Company´s staff motivation as a result.

Services Catalogue

The catalogue consists of all those services that rise at the beginning and throughout the life of the systems. All of them have been created based on our own experience and, above all, on behalf of the client as a system pays only once it is implemented and working. This catalogue gives a schematic overview of the following services:

PYV Software

It is the set of initial services after hiring PYV products. Once all the technical and commercial tasks the acquisition of the products, the customer receives technicians for installation, commissioning and training. The main features of these services are:

They are made with a practical vision to meet the objectives in the expected time.
Normally the standard software or a prepared one in the PYV´s laboratory will be installed in accordance with the customer analysis on the infrastructure for that particular computer.
There could be development and exploitation environments to the costumers criteria.
All performance tests will be conducted starting simulating the maximum possible situations.

“We study the needs of each client to develop a custom software installation”

A Training Course, close to the final implementation and in order for users to quickly understand the products will be provided. This training is considered essential for the implementation. Later the client can hire a deeper training on the systems.
Support in the implementation. PYV technicians act as a user designated by the customer during the first day of actual operation, resolving potential vices and helping the client to meet their goals.
After these steps, the system is in the hands of the customer and producing the results expected by the customer.

The purpose of this service is the adequacy of the standard system tailored to the customer needs. This service may be needed at the beginning or throughout the life of the installation, since the systems are changing need.

“PYV stays with you once installed and placed the system thanks to its specialized service”

PYV technicians bring all his experience gained in the subsequent performance of the service, watching market trends and its particular sector, all with exquisite discretion over the essential of each client.

The main objective of our Technical Service involves complete cooperation with the customer. This service may be provided by new requirements or by some instability in the system. PYV technicians are aware of these situations, they will act with proper diligence to get back quickly the stability of the system.
Our continued phone service is an important part of the service. For this purpose, technical phone support are always available to serve our customers. Most calls are resolved in the same day that occurs.

The Development Department, created for products innovation and maintenance, provide services to complete solutions that do not meet our standard products and are considered a distinct novelty in relation to products PYV. Again, our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers.
PYV considers the Development Department as a clear differentiator from the competition, so the 50% of the workforce PYV dedicated exclusively to the development of their products.

In order to ensure the investment of its customers, PYV, through its Department of Technology offers creation of software or hardware necessary for the analysis and implementation of those systems that, for various reasons, the customer does not have completely operational and still in its usefull life.

A well-trained user is ensuring proper functioning of the system. For this reason, PYV continually offers courses to suit every need training. These courses can be received in the Classroom training PYV-specifically created for it and with other customers, or in the company facilities.

Alongside the warranty services, PYV offers a wide range of maintenance services oriented software and every customer need, including:

  • Corrective Maintenance Contract type, Preventive, Predictive or Functional
  • Technical assistance ‘ON-SITE’ or Critical Mission
  • Operating Systems Support
  • Maintenance of Embedded Operating Systems
  • ‘Outsourcing’ Systems Management
  • ‘Networking’ Analysis
  • First line maintenance or monitoring
  • ‘Help desk’ for client employees
  • Secure synchronization time


Free of charge, PYV customers benefit from their own area of Services on the Internet. These services represent a technological innovation and a great help to the client. Once discharged can be made, among others, the following tasks:
Innovation in tech support FAQ’s
ON-LINE downloads for manuals, demo versions and version updates
Forums between customers, users and staff of PYV
State information and traceability of our activities to the client