Hardware Services

PYV borns with a clear vocation of service. On this line, PYV´s Hardware Services  are the result of experience in the implementation of systems, stability and durability over time.

In PYV service is regarded as a distinguishing feature over the alternatives on the market, even in the case of a task that will only be evaluated over time. Customer satisfaction is our service and our receipt of benefit over time.

The performance of the system is our goal to accelerate the return on investment in the product, as a stationary system means more expense than a running system.

All services are performed by the staff of our Department of Systems consisting of proven technical experience, professional training and great human qualities. We acknowledge the great help our technicians provide to clients and that an important part of the benefit that costs the customer purchasing products PYV.

Our staff receives ongoing product training and specialized to meet the diverse needs of our clients: analysis, development and technical support.

The activity of the commercial department is supervised by technical staff in order to meet commitments.

These form part of our conditions of sale. The work of our technical staff is present from the beginning, managing the project and making comprehensive customer.

PYV technicians are available to the client for asesorarleen decision making, as part of the contract and to provide a personalized service.

By the nature of the systems, we believe very important that they have as a result the motivation of your company, hence the training of end users is a basic aspect of our services.


Our commitment to quality translates into transparency and record all activities performed by our technical, commercial and administrative staff with each client. This record shall be permanently displayed by the client on our website: www.pyvtec.com


It is the set of initial services after hiring PYV products. Once all the tasks técnicocomerciales acquisition of the products, the customer receives technicians for installation which includes implementation of the pipeline and laying of lines for the operation of the hardware.

These services can be performed by the customer, if you have the appropriate means and does not has a higher cost. In this case, PYV technical staff will be available to customers to help them resolve any issues that may arise at no cost.

The MAIN FEATURES of these services are:

-They are made with a practical vision to meet the target in the expected time: commissioning of the system.
-The laying of lines, if any, will be made by observing the criteria in customer infrastructures and, in any case, the customer will have specific information about the physical paths used.
-The technicians analyze and advise the client regarding the location of the equipment, noting the technical requirements and ergonomics for comfort.
-The equipment is installed in its standard performance or prepared in the laboratory according to the analysis PYV customer on the infrastructure for that particular computer.
-This service also includes a set of specific tasks in the installation of systems that may be required for each type of installation. These are:
-Management and coordination of the project, usually required
-when the client requires coordination between multiple vendors.
-Installation and wiring for installation of equipment not listed by
-PYV or removal of existing equipment.
-Labor Non technical aids.
-Own service for small civil works and infrastructure.

The purpose of this service is the adequacy of the standard system to the needs of the customer. This service is always required at the beginning of the installation, but may also be needed later by possible changes in customer needs. PYV technicians bring all his experience, gained in the subsequent performance of the service, watching market trends and your particular sector. All with exquisite discretion over the substance of each client.
This service is then required after the installation of the elements. Once all the tasks of the first technical and commercial analysis of the acquisition of the products, the customer gets a technical for customization, wiring, commissioning and training.

The main features of these services are:
They are made with a practical vision to meet the target in the expected time: commissioning of the system.
It made the physical installation, proceed to connecting lines, well executed by the client or by the technical staff of PYV. This connection is made by observing customer standards is documented and provided to the subsequent technical support or assistance.
The teams after being interconnections contain standard configuration or preparation in the laboratory according to the analysis PYV customer. The final operation is defined by the characteristics of each other.

Performance tests will be conducted starting simulating the maximum possible situations.
A training course, nearby will be provided on time to the final implementation and in order for users to quickly understand the products. This training is considered essential for the implementation. Afterwards, the client can hire a deeper training on the systems.
Support in the implementation. PYV technicians act alongside the user designated by the customer during the first day of actual operation, resolving potential vices and helping the client to meet their goals.
After these steps, the system is in the hands of the customer and producing the expected result for this one.

Alongside the warranty services, PYV offers a wide range of Maintenance Services Hardware oriented and every customer need. These are:

-Corrective Maintenance Contract type, Preventive, Predictive Functional or
-Technical assistance ‘ON-SITE’ or Mission Critical
-Plan technology refresh prevent aging equipment
-Maintenance Analysis of Embedded Operating Systems ‘Networking’
-First line maintenance or monitoring
-No permanent facilities
-Placement and maintenance of signage and decorations
-Service equipment inventory
-time Synchronization

The main objective of our Technical Service involves complete cooperation with the customer. This service may be provided by new requirements or by some instability in the system. PYV technicians are aware of these situations, they will act with proper diligence to get back again and quickly the system´s stability.

Our continued phone service is an important part of the service. For this purpose, technical phone support are always available to serve our customers. Most calls are resolved on the same day they occur.

Development Department, created for the innovation and development of products, provides services to complete solutions that do not meet our standard products and are considered a distinct novelty in relation to products PYV. Again, our primary goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers.
PYV considers Own Development Department as a clear differentiator from the competition and, therefore, 50% of the workforce PYV dedicated exclusively to the development of their productos. All the staff of this department is highly qualified to perform this function.

In order to ensure the investment of its customers, PYV, through its Technology Department offers hardware or software creation necessary for the analysis and implementation of those systems that, for various reasons, the customer is not completely operational and still in its life.

A well-formed user is ensuring proper functioning of the system. Therefore continuous PYV offers courses to suit every need training. These courses can be received in the Classroom training PYV created specifically for it, along with other clients or on site customer.


Free, PYV customers benefit from their own services in the area of PYV. These EXTRANET services represent a technological innovation and a great help to the customer. Once discharged can be made, among others, the following tasks:
Innovation in tech support FAQ’s.
ON-LINE downloads for manuals, demo versions and version updates.
Forums between customers, users and staff PYV.
State information and traceability of our activities for the client.