MCU Zeiter Time Clock terminal

The ZEITER range is redefined with MCU ZEITER, the solution that combines reliability and experience with great customization, better cost, and the latest technologies for time control.

Time & Attendance control device

We announce the new range of MCU ZEITER Time Clock devices for time control and Time & Attendance management.

The new MCU ZEITER Time Clock terminals preserve the reliability and experience of the ZEITER range, with a brand new modern design customizable in 6 colors.

In addition, thanks to the adoption of the latest technologies in micro controllers, it offers an even higher quality / price ratio, which makes without doubt these terminals the best solution in the market to establish an effective Time & Attendance management.

Nueva gama de terminales ZEITER MCU

The MCU ZEITER Time Clock terminals are fully compatible and can be combined with the existing Contactless technologies in the ISO 14443A / B standard, including NFC technology present in mobile devices, as well as biometric technologies based on finger recognition.


For total flexibility, there are a total of 35 combinations, suitable to almost all needs.

The MCU ZEITER Time Clock terminal serve to the main needs required for a demanding and qualified Time & Attendance management system.

Its micro-controlled technology is capable of implementing applications up to level 7 OSI, that with Ethernet connectivity and its operating ONLINE and OFFLINE modes, contribute to its power and robustness as a data capture device.

It is designed for installation on vertical surfaces or recessed walls; allowing easy adaptation in most step control elements such as turnstiles, portlights, etc.

Equipped with a 3.5” color TFT touch screen with capacitive technology, which allows advanced equipment usability, and offers protection against scratches and shocks thanks to its “Gorilla Glass“ tempered glass.


All these features make this device an investment insurance in the future.