Large selection to solve the needs of data collection:

  • PIR – Piro Dual-sensor Fresnel lens
  • PIR – Quadruple-Piro Sensor Fresnel Lens
  • Dual Technology Detectors
  • Detectors Accessories volumetric
  • Outdoor PIR-Pulnix
  • Linear Infrared Barriers 1 Use
  • Barriers 2 Beams Infrared Linear
  • Barriers 4 Beams Infrared Linear
  • Columns and Accessories Infrared Linear
  • Barriers Microwave bistatic
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Inertial System
  • Environmental sensors
  • Magnetic contacts- “Reed”
  • Magnetic Contacts- “Mechanical”
  • Bank Protection
  • Seismic Detectors
  • Sirens and Optical Indicators
  • Information Consoles

zeiter_biometrico-3To virtually associate any part of the human body with a key to verify the user’s identity.
These systems consist essentially of hardware and software. The first captures the specific characteristics of the individual, and the second interpretates the information and determinates its acceptability or refusal. All always depending on the data that have been stored by an initial registration of biometric characteristics that measure the device. The biometric recognition systems can be: facial, iris, fingerprint, voice, and hand geometry.


PYV in collaboration with world-renowned companies have the necessary elements for the recognition of license plates as a complement to Data Capture Systems.

  • X-Ray Scanner for metal detecting concealed weapons or in packs for different applications and capabilities.
  • Metal detectors as Arcos or Laptop to use at the entrance to enclosures.

PYV in collaboration with leading manufacturers offering products PA and speaker on all kinds of instalaciones. The latest IP technology trends are included in the PYV´s range.