Plan technology refresh

Is the replacement of operating equipment that has exceeded its useful life, other generation.

Contracts tailor-made

Maintenance contract, designed in conjunction with the client, when none of the existing contracts completely responsive to your needs.

Extension of Warranty

PYV service offers extended warranty for a period of twelve months or more after the due date of the guarantee in the proposal. The customer has the option to extend the warranty period at a cost equal to a percentage of the sales price of the equipment.

Operating Systems Support

PYV provides support services to its customers in solving problems that may arise in operating systems and server applications. This service consists of a group of highly qualified engineers who have the experience and skills necessary to provide software support and support the development of new projects certifications. PYV evaluates new products in order to offer its customers better alternatives and in turn support the work of the department offering new services systems. We offer the services of installation, configuration and optimization of operating systems, messaging systems and management systems. We also offer upgrade versions of operating systems and applications on Microsoft platform.

Embedded Systems

PYV provides service for the design and manufacture of Microsoft Embedded Operating for computer systems large corporations.

Call center helpdesk

To provide the service users within their own company as an extension of telephone support service client.


Consultancy services, design, configuration of local networks and structured cabling. We offer integrated solutions for voice, data and video. We have the high-tech equipment for the design of local area networks connected to remote points. We provide certification to each output operation of the network, using high-tech equipment and ensuring the proper operation of each output.

Legislation update

PYV provides maintenance information on current legislation regarding the systems serviced.


PYV offers certified training for technical staff of your company, preparing to provide first level support.

Admin Services

PYV offers, through its Department of Systems qualified for the use and operation of their systems on site customer service personnel. The customer will have the option to choose the time and the time at which you want to have our technical staff.

First-line maintenance

Service consists of permanent monitoring of the physical system equipment, alarms, and events, in order not to occupy the client with these operations.

Card Management

Consists of the administration and control of ID cards client users (employees or contractors).

No permanent facilities

Other services are PYV facilities for trade shows, special events, etc.

Placement and maintenance of signage / signage and decorations

PYV also offers service maintenance of aids to the system.