PYV offers a wide range of software solutions to complement the systems supplied. These additional elements make PYV systems are the most complete and valuable added that currently exist in your sector.
PYV is in continuous search for the best solutions on the market to complement their products. With the manufacturers of these elements, contracts are made, and ways of working to ensure PYV´s working philosophy with their customers.
Our Technology Department select products for tests of quality and reliability. Our engineers subject all products to the most stringent performance tests with the aim of not involving charges in the solution. PYV works with the best manufacturers in the world without any problem involving the place of origin and response times.
One of our core values is the continuous improvement and technological innovation. This way, our clients benefit from having insured providing solutions with the latest technological trends created in the world .

Our Systems Department is formed to ensure a first line of technical support for these agreements being part of the technical services agreements with the manufacturers of these solutions.

PYV additional elements offered as a complement to your own software are structured as follows:

Once the needs analyzed, PYV Technology Department is responsible of finding the best solution for the customer. If this is not possible within the product portfolio PYV will not hesitate to search the market while retaining the maximum quality criteria established in the policy of our company.
In the software solutions catalogue can be found effective systems to give complete solution to a need or Systems to develop solutions to the also called API or SDK. These ones will require specific work from the PYV Development Department.

The software known as Basic Operating System or Software to operate a computer are also in the catalog of solutions offers customers PYV.
Such solutions are basic part of the necessary for the implementation of systems that provides PYV infrastructure. For this reason, the existence of an operating system is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the systems PYV, usually being responsible for customer delivery.
For these solutions, PYV is integrated into the whole issue certified for embedded operating systems or for industrial use MICROSOFT CORPORATION manufacturer, enabling the creation companies, even for both Operating Systems to the Client Server. The main features of embedded systems are:

  • Its small size,
  • Safety,
  • and its customization possibilities to the client´s tailor made.

It also includes our knowledge for configuration, maintenance and development for specific operating systems environments phones, computers known as electronic agendas or PDA´s.

PYV puts to the costumer´s service its knowledge in databases, both for marketing and for installation or customization. Due to continuous formation Systems Department and by constantly improving our clients in their updated versions, our staff has a deep knowledge of databases and data shortcuts through ODBC, when the customer does not have these means.