Locking systems using cylinders and keys provide maximum protection to the client. Manufacturing is done with little wear materials.

Thanks to the large number of locking components and the result of the combination of their different lengths, can reach a high figures of different closing codes, ensuring that none of the cylinders of a facility can be opened by any key belonging to another. Reversible key system highly secure.

All cylinders are supplied, as standard, deprotection against drilling. All components are made of blocking additional corrosion protection. In addition, the cylinder cores or inserts are protected by a steel rod, attempts to address the core extraction.

The copyability keys is extremely complicated and expensive. Mechanization is not caused by drilling, but by a special milling procedure hiding encryption key. Also has a high breaking strength.

Along with the usual function of the master key, many closures based on submaster wrenches can be planned, group keys, areas, etc, creating complex structures and always maintaining the highest level of safety.

The system offers maximum protection. With each series of cylinders or facility closures, a Prepaid property and an additional card for signature verification and keywords supplied.

Thus only shall be making additional keys or cylinders having verified the authenticity of the recorded data.

Its modular concept allows modifications and extensions easily and quickly.
The core (inset) is interchangeable with different formats door cylinders, locks, switches, furniture, etc.