Pedestrian Crossing Control

Different high finishes and functionality to adapt to diverse environments as required. The elements for pedestrian access control are designed and manufactured for a specific task depending on the type of installation to be protected.  

Paso peatones. PYV

Our service in this area includes the following products:

Turnstiles: Best suited for both indoor and outdoor installations that require a minimum of supervision. Possibility of unidirectional or bidirectional control (in one or both directions of passage).

Side entrances: Prepared for indoor equipment with minimal supervision. Possibility of manual operation, mechanical lock, magnetic or electrical.

Spinning pinwheels: Specially designed for outdoor installation without any monitoring for input controls and output equipment perimeter.

Access airlock detection one step: Set containment solutions. Reducing the degree of participation of staff and costs. Registered users accelerated flow.

Accessories: Designed for comfort items such as railings, awnings, step counters, pictograms, alarms, control capacity, control panels, control and adaptation selector terminal or subterminal.

Control of passing vehicle

The elements for the control of access to vehicles are designed as retaining elements and organization.


Our service in this field includes the products is set forth below:

  • Lifting barriers of short and medium range
  • Lifting barriers of long range
  • Barriers retractable high security
  • Bollard elevation
  • Accessories for all elements