Terminal generation for effective PRESENCE CONTROL and ACCESS using a fast and reliable system fingerprint reading


The most RELIABLE Biometric solution

The ZEITER Biometric Terminal is fast, accurate and versatile. It offers a true positive identification with high speed and precision.
The ZEITER Biometric Terminal is designed to provide an efficient and reliable to the growing demands of enterprise security solution and, in general, the market for physical access control.

The Biometric Terminal integrates a qualified ZEITER algorithm with several international awards and the best score in its category in the latest editions of the International Fingerprint Verification Competition held every two years to the most prestigious institutions in this field:

– Biometric Systems Lab (University of Bologna)
– Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Laboratory (Michigan State University
– Biometric Test Center (San Jose State University)

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY generation Today most physical systems PRESENCE CONTROL and ACCESS are based on the use of cards and / or ID numbers.
These factors increase the risk of fraud as they allow access to the cards or another numerical codes.

The Biometric Terminal 3 ZEITER helps eliminate this type of identity fraud using the LATEST TECHNOLOGY in fingerprint recognition.

When the user places their finger on the optical scanner system algorithms compare their fingerprint with minutiae stored. This identification process occurs on a time TO A SECOND LOWER thanks to its powerful microprocessor architecture.

Terminal generation for effective PRESENCE CONTROL and ACCESS using a fast and reliable system fingerprint reading.


– SPEED and HIGH QUALITY in capturing the image of the fingerprint.
– Smart card.
– Verification 1: 1 and positive identification.
– Stores up to 9,000 fingerprint templates in local mode.
– EER rate lower than 0.1%
– Fully configurable operating parameters.
– Adequate legislation DATA PROTECTION (Act 15/1999) no longer storing fingerprint images but only a set of points and vectors.

HIGH QUALITY images ZEITER Terminal Biometric fingerprints processed with great speed and reliability thanks to its powerful SYSTEM ENHANCED quality of the image presented.