Global Solutions for Time and Atendance, Access Control and Plant Data Collection

PYV Technology is based in Spain, Mexico and Argentina, it has the biggest catalogue of TIC solutions for the data capture sector, for Time and Attendance, Access Control and Plant Data Collection. All its products and services, designed by proper professionals, are prepared to be comercialized and implanted all over the world and they count with the main and most prestigious official certificates.

Growing continually, PYV Technology has not stopped innovating and taking care of its client’s satisfaction

PYV Technology

PYV Technology has its own R&D and Technical Support departments, composed of recognized professionals with recognized experience in the sector, who ensure the maintenance of excellence in the quality of all its products and services.

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Our quality procedures are certified by ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001 e ISO 14001.


  • PYV reconocimiento matrículas

    Vehicle Identification –

    Number plates recognition is part of our data capture philosophy. Its target is the vehicles identification as a complement to peoples identification. Actually the number plates recognition systems have acquired a special relevancy as tool support and security for access control. The ZEITS Software obbeys to the following work functional secuency number plate Recognition system:…

  • Reconocimiento Facial

    Biometric Face

    ZEITER Biometric Face is a totally trustable system identifying people by their facial features. The wide range of ZEITER terminals for presence and access control incorporate the most advanced biometric technology for facial recognition existing in the actual market. There is no doubt that we are onto the most practical, reliable, fast and friendly biometric…


PYV provides the services and tools needed to improve the knowledge and experience of those systems supplied to its customers since the launch of the project, the management and maintenance to the continuous improvement of the system itself.